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St Laurence's Church Ludlow

St Laurences Church

St Laurence’s Church Ludlow is the towns main church and one the best medieval churches in the country, featuring as one of only 18 churches in Simon Jenkins ‘Englands Thousand Greatest Churches’ with a five star rating. It’s situation in the centre of town and it’s magnificent 135 feet high bell tower means that St Laurence’s is the first thing that many visitors will see when they approach the Ludlow. Great views of Ludlow and the surrounding Shropshire Hills can be seen by climbing the church tower. The interior of the church is particularly impressive with the chancel containing several monuments to the members of Ludlow Castles Council of the Marches. There is also a notable stained glass window depicting the Ten Commandments. St Laurence’s Church Ludlow had important connections to Ludlow Castle when the town was of crucial strategic importance in the middle ages, and is often referred to as the cathedral of the marches. Indeed although not a cathedral there has been a Bishop of Ludlow since the 1980’s.

When the young Prince Arthur, son of Henry VII, died in 1502 his heart was supposedly buried in the church although the reality is it was probably his bowels. A small plaque commemorates this.

The ashes of AE Housman (who although originally from Worcestershire remains intrinsically linked to Shropshire through his cycle of poems ‘A Shropshire Lad’) are buried in the church grounds and there is a cherry tree to mark the spot.