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Poetry Pharmacy Bishops Castle

The Poetry Pharmacy Bishops Castle is a charming bookshop on the High Street. It’s aim is to provide ‘poetry on prescription’ to counter the stresses of modern life. The beautiful victorian shop has a range of poetry and prose tending toward the highbrow – you’ll be unlikely to find Dan Brown’s latest here. You can talk to the ‘Poetry Pharmacist’ if you have a particular ailment, or even take a consultation for more serious matters. The Poetry Pharmacy also stocks a range of stationary and pills to cure what ails you, including Happy Pills, Hope Pills and Poemcetamol. As a new centre for poetry and creative writing in the Midlands there are regular poetry and creative writing workshops, as well as courses in bookbinding.┬áThere is also a Dispensary cafe serving a range of coffees, teas, tisanes, sherbets and sodas.