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Ironbridge Gorge


Ironbridge is situated in a picturesque gorge on the River Severn. This historic town bills itself as the birthplace of the industrial revolution and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The early Industrialist Abraham Darby perfected the method of smelting Iron with coke in nearby Coalbrookdale in the 1709, helping to kickstart the Industrial Revolution. Named after the famous iron bridge built his Grandson Abraham Darby III in 1779, there are several museums exploring the industrial heritage of the area including Blist Hill Victorian Town, a recreation of daily life in the 19th century, with authentic shops and cottages as well as tradespeople in action in their factories and workshops. Other museums include the Coalport China Museum, Coalbrook Museum of Iron and Engeuity, and interactive museum particularly aimed at children.

The main museums form part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums and a ticket can be purchased to visit all the sites. You will need more than one day to see them all, so you might want to consider an annual pass. Tickets can be purchased from their website.