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Flounders Folly Shropshire

Flounders Folly

Built by Benjamin Flounders in 1841 on top of Callow Hill, this 80ft high tower has changed owners several times (at one stage the actor Julie Christie held the deeds) but is now in the safe hands of the Flounders Folly Trust, which restored it and reopened it to the public in 2004.

Benjamin Flounders was a Quaker from Yorkshire who inherited the estate of Culmington. He never actually had a house in the area, instead choosing to lodge at the Angel in Ludlow during his vists to the estate. It fell into disrepair after World War 2, but was restored with the inclusion of a metal staircase so that visitors can climb to the viewing platform at the top. It is worth a visit on any day as the views over the countryside are fantastic from the top of Callow Hill.

You can climb Callow Hill and sound underneath this imposing monolith anytime you like, but it is also open once a month for visitors to climb the 78 stairs for commanding views of the Malverns, the Black Mountains and beyond. You can park at the bottom of Callow Hill but Flounders Folly also makes a good walking destination from The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arm.