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Sutton Coppice Walk

Around Sutton Hill Coppice

This route takes you from Sutton Court Farm around the back of Sutton Hill coppice, down to North Sutton Cottages and then back to Sutton Court Farm along the road. From the courtyard turn left and follow the bridle path all the way untill you reach a gate with a ford just beyond it. Keep following the bridleway through Lydehole farm and turn sharp as soon as you exit the second gate. Follow the footpath through these fields until you cross a style by the drive to Hen and Ferrets cottage. Cross straight over and pas Annie Potts cottage. Follow the footpath through the edge of the woods till it meets another and take a sharp right. Follow this bridleway until you reach a style leading into a field. Cross over the field and take a left after the gate. Continue along the edge of the coppice. There is a style that takes you into the coppice and past a cottage. Follow the path round till you reach the other side of the hill. You will have fanatstic views over Corvedale. Walk past the two cottages to your left nestled in the hillside, and follow the bridlepath down to a row of 6 timber clad cottages at North Sutton. Turn left onto the road and follow it to the sign for Sutton Court Farm.

Download a PDF of the walk here.

Short Loop

A Short Loop

A short walk from Sutton Court Farm past a grand old oak tree with views towards Wenlock Edge. This is a good short loop for all walking abilities and perfect for small children. Turn left out of the courtyard, and straight up to the style on the first corner. Over the style head straight across the field to the tree and carry on down the left hand side of the fence till you get to the style that leads onto the road. Turn right on the road till you reach the sign for Sutton Court Farm.

Download a PDF of the walk here.