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Berrington Hall Herefordshire

Berrington Hall is a stately home owned by the National Trust and situated in north Herefordshire about 20 minutes drive from Sutton Court Farm Holiday Cottages. The neoclassical mansion house was designed by Henry Holland and is set in landscaped gardens created by his son in law Capability Brown. The house and gardens were created in in the 18th century by London banker Thomas Harley. Sunsesequent owners included the 7th Lord Rodney who inherited the estate in 1864, but was forced to sell later in life to pay gambling debts, and Lord Cawley, a Liberal MP who made his fortune producing black die, particularly after the death of Queen Victoria sent the country into mourning in 1901.

There is a cafe in the old stables, and a fantastic Georgian walled garden with a rare curved wall designed by Capability Brown. Berrington Hall is situated just off the A49 between Ludlow and Leominster.